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The few days back we were rushing to a meeting in MTC. Everybody was discussing about the context, buses, mileage  when one senior officer said “he had to leave because his daughter was unwell and he had received a call from the school”. At the time it went in passing and the meeting happened without him. he was later filled in with the info. and things progressed. but it really got me thinking!

Until then i had known of this gentlemen as a tough man, but here was the father who otherwise is busy planning schedules and corporate audits and pilots.

Over the last few months there have been innumerable experiences when you are exposed to the human side of men & women who come across as people actively involved in their work under insurmountable odds & having a very touching personal side.

The other day i was talking to a driver in Thiruvanmiyur depot. Here is his background: he has 18 years experience as an MTC driver, no accident record. wife is disabled, son passed away, daughter is in college, he has to come to work because his salary supports his wife & daughter. He works on Diwali and all the days he can get duty so that he can get the money.

Would we even look at our MTC drivers, and wonder the personal battle they are facing.

Not that we can solve many, but maybe we can appreciate the work they are doing!

Cheers to MTC driver!

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  • Divakaran K / March 9, 2013 at 11:26 am

    MTC Termini are a total chaos. Jumbled arrival of many buses of the same route because of road blocks. Passengers are made to shift from one bus to another as no info on which bus will leave first is available. I suggest that arrival and departure of buses should be regulated in such a way to make it more passenger friendly. Here is a suggestion. The buses should terminate at a secluded place inside the terminus for all passengers to disembark and bus stopped there. This should be a no-entry secluded place for boarding passengers. The conductor should then complete the formality of time-office. Only one bus at a time should arrive at the designated slot inside the terminus for the route and leave within 2 minutes of its scheduled departure. This can avoid multiple buses of the same route being parked and confusing of which bus will leave first and also de-congest the passenger boarding area. Multi level arrival and departure can also be considered for the benefit of passengers.

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