Public Life Public Space Workshop

Chennai City Connect Foundation in association with ‘The Institute for Transportation Development & Policy’ (ITDP) organized a three day workshop with GEHL Architects in city.

The Public Life Public Space Workshop in Progress

Sharing the vision of urban design, culture & communications manager and senior consultant at Denmark based GEHL Architects, Henning Thomsen said, “It is time that we rediscover the human dimensions in city planning. The counting of people will make it possible to balance the counting of cars and vehicles already performed by the city in their quest to secure more road space – because maybe more road space is actually needed, but for people, not for cars”
“At present, cities are more busy in counting cars but miss on their own people. Cars get a better treatment than people who are living in these urban spaces,” added he.

The experts opined that these humane surveys should be made an integral part for designing an inclusive urban landscapes, associate partner, and architect, GEHL, Lars Gemzoe, said, “City surveys need to be humane and innovative in its approach. People are invisible in planning process of a city. There are lots of data available on vehicular traffic from noise level, pollution and figures on speed but no data available on pedestrians.”

Critical of the car invasion, Gemzoe said, “These growing private vehicle culture posed new challenges like of health& obesity, mobility &congestion and environment & global warming. The public spaces which ensures access for all slowly getting limited” added he.

On focus of the survey for city projects and planning, Gemzoe said, “Public life survey should focus on people activity and quality of environment around them.Cities need to treat people better. There is no end to creating flyovers and constructing new roads but it will serve no purpose in the end.”

City based architects, urban designers, planners and students from educational institutes like SRM, Bharath, Hindustan, MEASI and SAP will be part of this innovative survey in Chennai.

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  • Roshan / December 22, 2010 at 6:35 am

    There is a report by the state level committee on road connectivity and traffic improvement in chennai – August 2008; which has a pedestrian count on different locations. Please try to see that you do not repeat the exercise on the same locations.

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