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Footpath Standards

footpathCurb Cuts and No Parking Colour Excellent, detailed set of guidelines Designing Sidewalks and Trails for Access Part II of II: Best Practices Design Guide from the United States Department of Transportation – Federal Highway Administration.

This guidebook is the second part of a two-phase project focused on designing sidewalks and trails for access. It was created to provide planners, designers, and transportation engineers with a better understanding of how sidewalks and trails should be developed to promote pedestrian access for all users, including people with disabilities. Part I, A Review of Existing Guidelines and Practices, is a compilation of data and designs gathered during a comprehensive literature search and site visits conducted throughout the United States (Axelson et al., 1998). Many of the recommendations provided in this guidebook are based on research gathered during Phase I.

The table of content if you want to quickly get to the topic you are looking for. The PDF files of each section.

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