1. I am an ordinary citizen, how can I help?
  2. We are an organisation (Corporate, NGO, Educational …), how can I help?
  3. How can we sponsor CCC?
  4. I am a government official, how can you help me?
  5. I am an ordinary citizen, how can I help?

You can volunteer with us. We are focussing on Traffic and Transportation related issues. To make the appropriate recommendation, we have to conduct studies, surveys and so on.

For example, for our LB road footpath project we had to measure the width of the footpath, find existing surveys of the road, walk on the existing footpath and take notes and so on. We then got help from architects and urban planners to develop the right solutions using the notes and conditions in that stretch. We presented the solutions to the concerned authorities and are following up.

We also need to document the improvements undertaken by the city officials. This helps maintain the enthusiasm of all. We have to upload these documents, photos, etc. on our website so others can participate and keep themselves informed.

As you can see, all this requires some work. You could help us.

We are an organisation (Corporate, NGO, Educational …), how can I help?

You can become a member of Chennai City Connect. You may be one of the stakeholders— residents of the city, employers across the entire range of industries, small and medium firms, bodies like Rotary, industry associations, NGOs and community organizations—who are acutely aware of the challenges that the city faces on its infrastructure like traffic and transportation. As you know, many groups of institutions and individuals have demonstrated a clear commitment to the city over several years. Collectively, all of us also have the technical capacity and commitment to ensure that various government initiatives are successful. The challenge is to harness these collective energies onto a single platform that can make the whole larger than the sum of the parts.

CCC is an initiative specifically meant to play this role, by bringing various urban stakeholders outside government together onto a single platform. This also helps government respond in a constructive, collaborative manner to the voices coming from outside government, and create value-added partnerships. The aim of CCC is, among other things, to assist governmental agencies by providing the knowledge base and support to help the development on urban infrastructure and services.

How can we sponsor CCC?

There are four levels of sponsorship. Please contact or visit us at your convenience.

I am a government official, how can you help me?

CCC is working on short and long term traffic and transport projects in collaboration with city and state government officials. For details of our current projects, please visit our Project page. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss further.

Chennai City Connect Foundation works with all Urban stakeholders to address the infrastructure issues in our City both long and short term. We have a range of volunteer requirements. Please go through our website to understand the nature of work we do, this will help you assess your suitability for the time the you want to spend.

Current Requirements:

IT Programmer: Good knowledge in Python / Linux to work on transit applications. (Ability to compile python scripts based on manual instructions should be sufficient)

Surveyors: Road topology survey/ Vehicle count survey. This work requires actual hands on usage of GPS/ measuring tape.   So you may be standing in city roads to measure the road geometry or count the vehicles on the road during day/ night. It is fun!

Visualisers: If you can take normal data and make compelling graphics, to sell the point! You may well be the next Public reformer!.

Urban Planners / Architects: If Master Planning / FSI / Bogoto / NY / Dream City are your buzzwords! Do get in touch with us.

Guest Writers: We are always looking to add articles of interest to our website. If you think you can add a different perspective to a Urban policy / design / suggestion / existing project or even suggest an article of interest to our readers, please mail

If your profile does not match our current requirements, please fill the form below and we will get in touch with you at the appropriate time.